How can I set up shipping rates per country on my first webshop?

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I'm starting my first webshop on shopify.  Recently My Parcel which provides my shipping labels changed the shipping policy from 3 standard rates: Local, EU and Non EU to shipping rates for each country separately.

And there's a lot of difference in EU  countries from 11 euro to 30 euros. Shopify only allows to define max 4 zones, so I can't set a shipping rate per country.

Does anyone know a workaround so I can setup my shipping rates correctly ?

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Hi @Jessy_Pieters,


One workaround you can try is to use a shipping app that allows you to set up custom shipping rates per country. You might like to consider checking out the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app. The app allows you to set up more than one shipping zones and create custom shipping rules based on weight, price, quantity, and destination country. You can also set up rules based on specific products or collections. The app supports both local and international shipping, and you can set up multiple rates per country.


You can then integrate the app with your Shopify store to ensure that your customers see accurate shipping rates during checkout.


Feel free to reach out with any concerns or queries. I will be happy to help!

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