How can I ship cost-effectively from the US to Europe?

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store launching in the next few months. 
what is the best way - cost efficient - to ship boxes to EU without spending $200!!!!???


thank you

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If you are a U.s. company planning on selling internationally you also need to learn about taxes in Europe before you start shipping (my advice is don't get in trouble with multiple tax authorities... :)). We just recently recorded a free webinar about taxes when selling online.

I can't post the link here it doesn't work... But if you google "Euro VAT Refund, Inc. in Los Angeles" and click on our website you'll find us. On the homepage in the middle under "latest news" there is a webinar. Fill in your info and it takes you to a free recording with tons of Powerpoint slides. Hope you find it helpful!

I work for a company called Euro VAT Refund, we are experts and help U.S. and Canadian companies with VAT. Email me after you watch it and let me know if you have any additional questions.

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