How can North American sellers ensure their store isn't blocked in China?

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We have been approached by clients in Canada and U.S. who wish to sell products to the Chinese market. Their market research shows that the demand in China justifies a dedicated marketing channel to target savvy Chinese Internet users.

Aside from the normal considerations like website design, product offering, pricing and shipping, etc. They are also concerned with the accessibility of their store, i.e. Shopify, whether their store will be blocked in China.

I'm aware that Shopify launched and has affixed their ICP license on the portal. I guess this platform is mainly designed for Chinese sellers targeting the international market. So I'm not sure which platform international sellers to China should use, or 

It's pretty much public knowledge that it's possible for foreign websites to be blocked in China by the great firewall for reasons you will never figure out. I wonder if Shopify has the tools and means to protect its merchants from being blocked. Does Shopify use constant network monitoring and testing by such services as goclickchina? Other than the platform itself, does Shopify offer additional services such as ICP application?


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