How do I correctly use HS codes for international dropshipping?

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Hoping someone is able to clarify HS codes for me a bit more clearly, i have spent ages on Google and feel more confused than when I started!

I am about to launch my dropshipping website and am based in Ireland, however will be dropshipping AliExpress products, specifically home decor items to wherever the customer is, my main focus with be the USA market, where I will be steering the majority of my advertising, however the options for EU customers remains available too obviously.

Now with HS Codes i see every country has their own take on the system, with the first 6 digits being the international standard, etc. What i dont not understand is if i need to just use the first 6 digits code and only that, in case a customer in the States makes and order and a customer orders the same item in say, France?

Does the sender add the correct code to the waybill when they ship or do the receiving customs officials add this in?!

Im just so confused as to how to set this up for any country to use as Shopify only gives the option for a single HS Code for each product - or because I am in Ireland and shipping from China to many international destinations, do I leave the HS Code area blank on each product and then when the supplier ships it, they fill it in?


Please anyone, some clarity would be amazing!


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If you dropship from China Aliexpress you do not have to worry about the hs code as the supplier or agent will help you fill the hs code when they ship your orders to clients. However, you may think about the ioss to eu countries. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent