How does Shopify handle multilingual domains and SEO?

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Currently we are hosting our e-Commerce at Wix, but with multilingual necessity, we are facing some issues or challenges.

How is multilingual organised at Shopify, as subfolders or sub domains?

I’m asking because I have to know this due to SEO management of the site. Am I limited to SEO of “primary language” or can we manage SEO by every language?

Further more, do I manage SEO per language site on the level of site page(s) or also per category and product?

I suppose that Shopify have site “search engine”. Do this search works or search only within “primary language” or also within every language translate? For example; if I have a product Soap Orange (0,4lb) and translated in Italian as Sapone All'arancia (200g), will search look only by English products names or will also find Sapone if I look for Sapone?

If multilingual is organised as subdomain, how many domains can I link to a subdomain (e.g. fo German language I can or even must have two domains, but only one subdomain)?

Are there any specific limitations regarding domains, if multilingual is organised as subdomains?


I know that there are a lot of questions, but I want to be secure if I decide to switch provider.



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