How to charge Tax differently per country

How to charge Tax differently per country

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I've spent the last week getting my head around IOSS etc, now I have an IOSS number, I've been on live chat, my tax for EU is all set up correctly - HOWEVER - I am based in the UK and am VAT registered here, which is fine, I've no issue with my 20% charge coming out of my prices as they are set now for UK customers, BUT, I do not WANT this same setup for EU customers.

Yes I want them to pre-pay their VAT at the checkout to give them the best customer experience and avoid customs charges, but I want their VAT charges to go 'on top' of my current pricing rather than it being 'included'.

For example; an A3 poster on my store is £17.99 - UK customers 20% VAT is included within this price (So from the £17.99 I pay the £3 VAT), whereas for my EU customers, I want that 20% (or whatever that country's VAT rate is) to go ON TOP of the price; so £17.99 + VAT = £20.99 but only for the EU customers.

I sat on live chat for over an hour and they spoke to multiple people, the only thing I came away with, is you can either have VAT INCLUDED within your price, or the VAT can be added ON TOP of the price. But this is for one and all, there is no way to FILTER this per country.

Does anyone know or have a way around this? An app of some sort? It is so annoying I can not differentiate the vat amount per country!

If anyone can help or has a resolution that would be amazing!


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Currently the EU countries have different VAT rates from 19% to 28%. Shopify allow you add set VAT in different EU countries, however, your VAT number registered in the UK which isnt belongs to EU union anymore. If you want make it simple at the beginning, just use the same rates, or list the top of the selling countries with different VAT rates the rest use the same.

In additon to VAT, the shipping rates is also different between west EU and east EU, so do not kink too much on the VAT and find a balance way to deal with it. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent