How to choose the best freight carrier in Denmark and become a Silkemyk reseller?

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Silkemyk is launching in Denmark.

Regarding this launch, I have 2 topics I wanna share:

1. What is the best freight carrier in Denmark and does anyone have experience with shipping products from Sweden to Denmark?

2. We are open to selling to reseller stores in Denmark. So if you own a store and would like to sell Silkemyk products please send us an email to

Silkemyk is sold in several big stores today and physical stores.

Our products in LED Mask (PS: Best in the whole European market today), IPL, Gua Sha, and Heatless Curls.


By becoming a reseller of Silkemyk you would be able to do several things:

1. Guest blogging, we own several high-ranking domains where you could be allowed to promote your website to drive more traffic to your store.

2. Klarna: We are connected in the Klarna shop so you would be able to be a visible seller of Silkemyk in the Klarna shop as long as you offer Klarna today.

3. We would promote you as a reseller to our almost 9000 followers on Instagram and our 33,000 monthly readers on Pinterest.


Just to make it clear we do not accept any store to sell Silkemyk.

So you would need to apply, and get approved by our team.



Team Silkemyk

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