How to display multiple price points for local and international customers?

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I have a Shopify store in my local market, and collect VAT.


I would like to offer X product to international customers, but at a different price point. In addition, I do not wish to collect VAT for foreign customers, and wish the price they see to be excluding VAT on my webstore.


For example my local customer sees:
100 EUR + 20 EUR VAT = 120 EURO

My international customer sees:
120 EUR exc VAT.

I know Shopify Markets is launching soon, however multi price points will only be avail through Shopify Payments which is not avail in my country (+ you will need Advanced Plan which I don't have). I have also been suggested multi price point apps which sound great, however the price displayed on the website would include VAT and only be deducted at the checkout.

The only solution I see is to open a separate Shopify store for international customers, and then link the two inventories together.


Would anybody have some feedback or suggestions ? Thanks 

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