How to display two prices - one excluding and one including taxes?

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I have been trying to display two prices for each product on my webstore - one without VAT and one that includes VAT, in order to abide EU laws and industry standards.
I want to avoid paying a monthly subscription for an app for a feature this simple and elementary, my theme is Supply and as of now I haven't found a method that works.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello PromediaOU, 


belated answer, I hope you have managed to find a solution!  In case you have found a better solution than the one I will propose, please let me know! 


EU regulation does not, actually, force you to provide both prices simultaneously during browsing. That would create quite a strain on any solution with 27 possible VATs having to be calculated while scrolling... But you are right, they have to be provided. Invoice / checkout stage is sufficient, at least according to our educated understanding. 


If I am misunderstanding your question, here is another answer: What we are seeing is that many companies are resorting to 2-site solution. One would include a local VAT, especially when they are selling a lot domestically in low VAT country such as Switzerland. One could function on exclusive VAT calculation model while the other would provide inclusive pricing for the EU market with wide range of VAT rates. 


If you are still unsure about how to make it happen, just send an email to or even better book a quick meet:



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