How to reach and sell in a in a different market with a lower competition?

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I'm looking for marketplaces with lower competition that we can penetrate easily, so far I found Tradeling, they sell in Africa and the Middle East, any other suggestions?

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I would consider creating content for your products/services in multiple languages, and making sure that the translated content is getting into Google in the countries that you want to sell in. For example: Targeting Germany with German translated content and inclusion of the content in

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Really depends on what you are looking to sell. For Industrial B2B Products for Oil & Gas and Construction & Infrastructure Industries you can try, they have quite a reach a global reach.


Alternatively, there are many other marketplaces that are specific to regions & product categories:

1) mercadolivre for South American Markets for Consumer Goods.
2) for digital art 
3) lazada is great for south east asia (APAC Countries)