How to resolve shipping issues from Canada to the US?

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I am having trouble getting my shop to ship to the US from Canada. I have the location set up but when I try to place an order from a US friends address, it says that the shop doesn't ship to these areas. 


How does one fix this? Do I need to upgrade my subscription in order to ship via third parties or is there a way to get Canada post to do this as well? 

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Hey, @Beyondthickets. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. Let’s figure it out!


First of all, you shouldn’t need to upgrade your subscription to be able to use calculated rates to ship from Canada to the USA; Shopify Shipping is available to all merchants in eligible areas, and on all of the pricing plans.


Therefore, in order to begin troubleshooting this, please begin by checking the following:


  • Make sure your products all have weights assigned to them.
  • Be sure that the USA is included in a shipping zone within your shipping profile.
  • Have calculated rates set up for the same shipping profile.
  • Select the Canada Post services for shipping to the USA that you’d like to offer, and make sure the shipment meets the requirements of the service. For example, Small Packet USA Air is only for packages that weigh less than 1kg. You can find the specifics about the different shipping options from Canada post to the USA in this Help Doc.


Let me know how confirming these parameters goes, and whether or not any of them help. And we’ll go from there!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.