How to sell internationally on different homepages with location-based redirection?

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Hey everyone


We currently sell to the UK only but are looking to expand to the US. To start with, we will be selling a small subset of the products in the US and would want to show US consumers a totally different homepage, and different blog pages and other content. Does anyone know whether this is possible with Shopify Markets?


I didn't think it was, so I was looking at creating a separate store with a US subdomain but need to be able to auto-redirect to the right subdomain based on location. Has anyone found an app that can do that across two separate stores?




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Hey Heather,


If you're using an up-to-date theme, and you've already got different "markets" set up for the store ( ... then when you're in the theme editor, you can select (at the very top-center) which country's content you want to edit (it'll say "default" but when you click it, there will be a dropdown menu with each of your markets listed). Each country/market can have a different set of content, which you can then further edit via the theme editor. 


You'd need to have separate pages & blogs for each country, if you want them to be different -- but it should be doable. 


Alternatively, if you'd rather have completely separate stores for each country that you sell to, then there are a number of 'geolocation redirect' apps available ( which can show a popup based on your customer's IP address, prompting them to go to a different store/URL. You'd have to add this app on each store you have though, so I'd try to find a free/cheap one, so that it doesn't get too expensive. 








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