How to set up multi-manufacturer shipping for international customers on the same website

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Dear Shopify Community,


I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on setting up an online store that will be selling clothing products to customers worldwide. To keep the international shipping costs low for our customers, we have decided to work with two different manufacturers - one based in the US and another in Germany.


Our plan is to have the American manufacturer ship to customers in the American region, while the German manufacturer will handle orders from European customers. We understand that this may require some additional setup on our website and we are hoping to find some guidance from the Shopify community.


Specifically, we are looking for information on how we can set up a geolocation tracker that detects which country the shopper is in, and then automatically directs them to the appropriate manufacturer for their region. This will help ensure that our customers get the cheapest shipping possible.


If anyone has experience with this type of setup or knows of any apps or plugins that might help us achieve our goal, we would greatly appreciate your advice and suggestions.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Shopify's new feature, Smart Order Routing, is exactly what you're looking for.


Additionally, you can set up multiple warehouses, and Shopify will select the locations based on stock availability and priority. You can learn more about this process in this article.


Once Shopify assigns the fulfillment locations to the order, apps that are compatible with Shopify's fulfillment locations will process the shipments based on those locations, rather than the default store locations.


PluginHive shipping apps are compatible with Shopify's fulfillment locations.

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