How to solve double currency conversion issue with PayPal and Razorpay?

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Hi, I'm a bit confused here.

I chose Razorpay as a payment gateway, along with PayPal both also for international transactions.

As I chose a third part for the gateway I had to install a currency converter app because Shopify does not support it if you don't choose Shopify Payment as a gateway.

Now the point is this: I tried to pay with an international credit card through PayPal, the conversion from INR to € worked fine, but at the check out the price increased of approx 1 €, which is totally unappropriated, as a client I would leave the chart.

PayPal told me they do their own conversion and this is what happens at the check out.

Now, how am I supposed to solve this double conversion thing?

I'm still waiting for Razorpay to allow me to get international payments, it will probably happen the same with them?

Is it better to remove the converter App and let the client discover the conversion at the check out? I honestly wouldn't like this solution as a client, I would prefer to go through a website showing the prices in the currency I will pay.

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