How to Translate Custom Liquid Section Using Translate and Adapt for the DAWN theme

How to Translate Custom Liquid Section Using Translate and Adapt for the DAWN theme

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Hello, I would like to translate a custom liquid section on my DAWN theme using the Translate and Adapt Shopify app. 


Here is an example of what I would like translated.


Thank you 🙂

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Hey @AntCrescendo , can you achieve what you need to with the 'Rich text' block? This is easily translatable. Custom liquid is not translatable out of the box, you need to insert translation keys and it's not straightforward: 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I think that you can use the different section for each language. Please tell me. I am Max from Tapita Shopify page builder. You can use make the section from Tapita and insert into your current page. 

The section should be localised via Language.

Please contact me to get a demo this feature. 

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I have the some question, my web page is In the home page I have some liquid to go to the sections of the WebSite, I want to translate the titles and to put the links to the correct language page... Do Anybody how to translate the Custom Liquid Section? Or if is not posible how can I add a html for a an especific rich text?

Thank you very much

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Step 1: Copy the section and translate it with Deepl.

Step 2: Insert the translation before the Liquid tag {% if store.locale == 'de' %}.

Step 3: Use the Liquid tag {% if store.locale == 'de' %} for German or corresponding tags for other languages to ensure that the section is only displayed if the corresponding language is set.

I hope this helps you!