How to use multiple fulfillment centers on Shopify

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I'm looking to add another 3PL to my shop so we'd have two fulfillment centers. They'll work independently, have their own stock level/shipping costs and ideally the locations they ship to would be separate as well. Has anyone managed this? I know about shopify plus but going from $80 to $2000 is a huge jump especially because the only feature I'd need is having another shop front. 

I've heard about having another shop account but keeping up with the admin would be really difficult. I'd also be worried about the lack of syncing, double the costs, having to manage two email campaigns and costs (or forgoing the less popular one and losing customer data). I also have no idea how ads would work for facebook/google, which site I'd link to, which pixel to use etc.

If you manage this without shopify plus I'd love to know how you did it! What apps/software etc would make life a bit easier? Or if there's a way to do it on one shop that I haven't discovered yet

Thank you!

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It is okay to apply 2 3PL fulfillment companies on Shopify settings. However, it is hard to sync the stock inventory as the 2 3PL have different ERP system and the inventory cannot being shared through Shopify interface, if you have big order quantities per day and lots of SKUs the Shopify inventory might be chaos. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent

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Hello Olivia. I was wondering if you came up with a solution since 2021? I have exactly the same predicament you did. Any info is greatly appreciated!!

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Hi @EnriqueLopez 

You don't need Shopify Plus to handle multiple ERPs that don't work with each other. Order Fulfillment Guru has a very seamless solution where you operate everything out of existing Shopify store. It handles all the order, product, inventory, and tracking number syncing so your ERP only has to worry about connecting to Shopify.


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So would this work to have U.S. orders go to one 3PL and Canadian orders go to another?

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