I ask for help from specialists. The store has been open since February 15, but there are no sales.

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I have an insight into my customers based on statistics from my Pinterest account. I have had a store on Etsy since 2015 (www.etsy.com/en/shop/Antosha45) and customers come there mostly from Pinterest. My audience is Europe, the United States and other English-speaking countries, women from 24 to 54 years old. This is confirmed by the simple reasoning that I am creating something that did not exist before, so this is not searched for in queries. My products need to be seen first. However, recently on Etsy and even on Amazon several of my "subscribers" have appeared. I cannot say how much they are competitors to me. At prices I offer a cheaper product, otherwise my subjective opinion is also in my favor.
What can be done to turn the tide or is this platform not for my product?

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