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Indian company with a proprietor based in Hong Kong - can we get Shopify Payments?

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Hi team!

Our company is based in Mumbai, India. We have a proprietor (director in company) based in HK with a local Business Registration in her name but no bank account. Currently we are operating our business using payment gateways available in India, Shopify Payments is not available to us. Checkouts happen in INR.

We now want to create an international website, with Shopify Payments, and store currency USD, checkouts should be in USD. The pricing will be different between the .com website and .in website.

Can you please advise if we can do this simply by opening a new account in Shopify? Or do we need to have a tax ID, bank account etc in Hong Kong, to be able to create a shop with USD checkouts?


Thanks for your help!




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Hi there @Kasturi!

I'd be only too happy to share some of the requirements we would have for businesses in Hong Kong wishing to use Shopify Payments.

It would only be possible to have payouts for this kind of accounts be in HKD, and a Hong Kong denominated checking account is required in order to receive transfers through Shopify Payments.

There are 3 components to a HK Bank account number:

  • Bank code or Clearing code: 3 digits
  • Branch code: 3 digits
  • Account number: which must be between 6 and 9 digits long (it varies from bank to bank)
  • Beneficiary name and legal entity must match the name and type of account of their associated bank account. 

You would also need to have a Hong Kong Identity Number. 

  • A HKID number has the following format:
    Format: X123456(A)

(X can be one or two letters, A can be 0-9 or the letter A)

Finally, for now, you'd need to have a Hong Kong street address: Street Address, City, ZIP/Postal Code, Country. The postal code for Hong Kong is 999077.

Let us know if you'd be able to meet these requirements for using Shopify Payments, and we can discuss the documentary requirements for confirming this!




Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Don,

Thanks for the info on opening HK business. We have another solution in mind, please tell us if this works:

Since our basic requirement is just to allow checkouts in USD, is it possible for a business based in India (with registered address and bank account in India) to use USD as store currency?

Also, can this business have 2 accounts one with store currency INR (domain .in) and the other with USD (domain .com). In that case we probably don’t need Shopify Payments at all right?