International multiple fulfilment partners

International multiple fulfilment partners

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We currently have multiple Shopify expansion stores because our prices our different for some countries. With the new Shopify international pricing & domains features we can use a single Shopify store. (Awesome!)

We also have a fulfilment partner for each store. Does anyone have best practises how we can use a single Shopify store and route each order based on country to the correct fulfilment partner?

Is there order management software we can hook up? Any advice would be great! Thanks!


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It is hard to assign orders to different order fulfillment partners based on different countries in one website, currently the order fulfillment agent all use ERP plugin integrated with Shopify to sync orders to fulfill. If you only have one website with multiple partners to fulfill orders, it has lots of potential risks. Register multiple shopify stores will be easier. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent

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Hi @Dries_Pieters for your use case you should look at a few options:

  • Shopify Custom Order Fulfillment which will send orders to your fulfillment partners based on the locations you have within your Shopify store
  • Use an order routing app that will help set rules for the order types and some will offer an ability to enter emails of your fulfillment partners to send the order details there
  • Utilize SKUSavvy to connect to your Shopify store which will pull all your locations, products, inventory, orders, and customers in and route the orders according to your settings within Shopify - we may need to work with you on custom routing rules for country-based assignment



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