International Shipping Labels: SHOPIFY CAUSING THOUSANDS in Loss Due to Missing Info

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I want to bring attention to a pressing issue I've encountered with Shopify that's not only affected my business but has likely cost thousands of small business owners like me thousands of dollars in lost products and shipping fees. The crux of the matter lies in Shopify's omission of the customer's phone number on shipping labels, a seemingly minor detail that becomes VITAL for international deliveries in specific countries.


Discovering this problem was a turning point for me, and I wasted no time in reaching out to Shopify for a solution. However, instead of assistance, I found myself dismissed and even provided with inaccurate information on 2 different counts, leaving me frustrated and financially impacted.


To cope with this issue, I resorted to manually adding phone numbers to labels, a painstaking and error-prone process that no business owner should have to endure.


Recently, I encountered a situation where I had to reship yet another order due to Shopify's failure to include the customer's phone number. In an effort to manage costs, I sought a more cost-effective label solution through Pirate Ship. To my surprise, Pirate Ship did what Shopify did not – they included the customer's phone number.


The extent of this problem extends far beyond my experience, as I've come across numerous posts from fellow business owners across the internet who share this same concern. It's evident that this is a widespread issue that demands attention. While I'm not a legal expert, the possibility of a class action lawsuit in such cases may be worth exploring. Think about it, I am an extremely small business with approximately 20 orders a month, and I alone have lost thousands of dollars. I can't even imagine how much bigger stores have lost. 


Moreover, fellow Shopify business owners can take proactive steps to assist our customers in the meantime. If you find that an order has been delivered to the destination country but remains undelivered, it’s likely due to the absence of a phone number. So consider advising your customers to reach out to their local post office in the destination country. Local posts often hold such shipments and can provide guidance or assistance in locating and delivering the packages.


Ultimately, it's high time that Shopify rectifies this issue. It should be a straightforward fix, and it's not one that should be dismissed lightly. Below, I provide a comparison of labels, demonstrating the disparity between Shopify's labels and those of other providers, as I was told Shopify used the same EXACT formatting as other providers- which is a lie)Untitled_Artwork 14.png

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