International shipping - no shipping options for UK

International shipping - no shipping options for UK

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Hey yall, I'm having trouble with my international shipping. I'm having customers email me from Austria, and saying that my store is not letting them choose a shipping option for them. Can someone take a look at my backend of the account and see whats going on?

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Hey, @Churchofpurp! Welcome to Shopify Community!


Whenever customers can't find a shipping option in your checkout, it's typically an indication that there is an issue caused by your shipping settings or shipping profile. Here are some key things to check in your shipping profile in the Settings > Shipping and delivery page whenever this problem arises:


  1. Products


    • Are your products assigned to the shipping profile where you've set up your UK or Austria shipping zone?
      • Since it is possible to have multiple shipping profiles in your store, there are cases where a product ends up in a shipping profile without the appropriate shipping zones or rates. It's important to go over your shipping profiles in Settings > Shipping and delivery (then click Manage beside a shipping profile) to ensure the products are where they belong.
      • Please note that if you have custom shipping profiles, any product you remove from them will immediately be assigned to the general shipping profile.
  2. Shipping origins or fulfillment locations


    • Has the fulfillment location where your products are stocked been set up as a shipping origin? It needs to be a shipping origin in order for the system to know you can ship the products that are stocked in that location. You can manage your fulfillment locations by referring to this guide.
  3. Shipping zones


    • Have you added the UK or Austria to your shipping zones? You need to add the countries you ship to as shipping zones in order for the system to know you ship to those locations and to allow a customer who has an address in one of those locations to place an order on your website. You can refer to this guide to manage shipping zones.
    • Are there shipping rates assigned to your shipping zones? It's important to add shipping rates so these are shown to the customer at the checkout. We have a guide on adding shipping rates on this page.


If you've ensured your shipping zone is configured correctly and an error is still being encountered in your checkout, there's one more thing you need to check and that is the Shopify Markets settings.


Besides adding the UK or Austria to your shipping zones in your shipping profile, you need to activate it in the Settings > Markets page to enable customers to select those countries at the checkout. You may head over to that page and check if the countries say Inactive such as in the screenshot below.




If they are inactive, you may click Manage beside each country and click Activate market to activate it.




Feel free to give that a go and test your checkout to see if it fixes the problem.


At this point, if you're still unable to resolve the problem, it's best that we take a look at your checkout and settings to pinpoint the cause and advise a solution. You may visit and log in to your account to create a support request.


It's great to hear that you're expanding your business internationally by shipping to customers in different parts of the world. This move can lead to growth opportunities for your business as it allows you to reach a wider audience, potentially resulting in a larger customer base and increased sales. If you're interested in learning more about the intricacies of international shipping, I recommend checking out this blog post.

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