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IOSS business hiccup due to Eurora bankruptcy

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Eurora clients, if you're concerned about the recent developments regarding their bankruptcy and the cancellation of IOSS numbers, there's no need to bring your EU and UK business operations to a halt.


You can seamlessly transition to a reliable alternative like EAS EU Compliance: We've streamlined the migration process to ensure minimal disruption – it can be completed within a day. Rest assured that your business can continue without any interruptions, allowing you to sleep soundly at night.


We'd like to clarify that while Eurora was a competitor, we do not stand to gain from their unfortunate situation. Eurora was a strong competitor that kept us on our toes, and we respected their presence in the industry.


EAS is a provider of VAT automation solutions, serving businesses in over 50 countries.

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Thanks for reacting  to the whole situation that quickly.

We need to continue selling , so I am moving  to your services right now.

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The Estonian tax admin EMTA has cancelled all Eurora IOSS numbers on 16th October. 

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As we are in Q4,  the strongest sales period in e-commerce this can have a major impact on all affected companies.


Estonian Tax Authority shared the list of licensed IOSS intermediaries that can be found here


Everyone affected should act fast and get the new IOSS number as soon as possible, as Eurora's intermediary license has been canceled with 01.11.2023