Is connecting two online stores from different markets possible?

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Good day, My company operates in multiple markets.
Sometimes we sell directly (e.g. to Italy, Germany, Spain, etc.), sometimes through distributors to whom we have granted exclusivity for their country (e.g. USA, Greece, Canada, etc.).


For the first case, obviously, there is no problem because the seller is always our company which sells through its Shopify store and ships to different countries.


For the second case, however, the seller is a different company that has its own independent sales site, also on Shopify, which sells and ships directly.


In this second case, I would like the user, using the country selector, to reach the external site where the different company sells from our main site I


t's possible?


Best regards

Luca Filicori

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Hi @Ilde 

It sounds like after a customer makes a purchase on your store, you want your partner (who's also on Shopify) to fulfill it? In that case, Order Fulfillment Guru can help you do that easily. You can opt to sync specific orders, or also sync products and/or inventory.


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No thanks I would like the user change the website not buy on my and then another fulfill.