Is Shopify Markets a better choice than an Expansion store for a UK targeted site?

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We have a client that will be launching a new theme we helped them customize (no development, just settings configuration mostly). This client is on a Basic Shopify plan. This website is based in the US, intended for US customers, and non-transactional (i.e. there are no Accounts, no Checkout). There are products and collections, however (just no ATC ability).


The next project the client wishes to tackle is to create a website for their UK customers. This entirely new website would effectively be a clone of the new US store theme. However, the intention is that this UK website IS transactional - customers can add their products to cart, create accounts, checkout, etc. It is also worth noting that, eventually, the client wants to make US transactional.


Our initial plan was to ask this client to upgrade to Plus plan and create an Expansion store for UK. But I've recently learned about Shopify Markets. Can you tell me if Markets is a more sensible option, given the information above, than creating an Expansion store?

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Shopify Markets is the way to go. 

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