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Is there a point in changing currency and market?

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Hi there!

I'm thinking of changing market to sell on and I've got some questions about it, but first I'm going to tell you why:


At first when I joined Shopify and began setting up my store I chose Sweden as my main market, since that's where I live. After spending quite the many hours on my store I finally realized that I might have been better of choosing US as my first market since I'm using Printful as my POD-supplier, and most of my products are produced in - and ship from - the US. The shipping rates and shipping time to Sweden is quite a lot so I'm thinking it's a hard market to start in. 


So when thinking about this I thought that maybe I should change currency and market? I wonder if there's a point to it or if I can keep my settings as is and still focus on the US even though it's not my main market? Do you guys have any advice for someone in my situation?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @NickOlsson,


The currency change will limit the customer's confusion on what is the exact price of the product. Since dollar and euro have different value. Just my opinion

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Oh my god. I just changed currency, with the help of support, and the prices are all insane now! They used to be like 599 SEK ($54 USD) for a standard small canvas, and now they are 599 USD instead, which is a tenfold increase in price. It seems the currency shanged but the price tags didn't so it all went nuts. I'm hoping it's fixable or that I at least can change back to my original currency.