Issue with translating my filter section - "product type" in the second language

Issue with translating my filter section - "product type" in the second language

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Hope you are doing well.
I have an issue when I translate my online store. My default language is English, but my main target is Bulgaria. So I've written all my product types in English, as well as everything else. The strange part is that it has translated everything else, I mean - the color, material, and other filters, but only the "product type" isn't coming up...
So if anyone know how to fix it, in order to have perfectly everything translated and ready to launch?
I have attached two screenshots, so you can have a clear vision of what I am talking about.  
Thanks in advance! 

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I have exactly the same issue!! it is so annoying! I am really hoping for a solution as this is super important  

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Hi @PrintNStuff , unfortunately Product Type is not currently translatable (October 2023) and does not show in the non default language. This is being looked at but I don't have a timeline for you. Could you work around with metafields?

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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They have removed the ability to display product type and tag filters for the non-default languages of a shopify website. So you can translate some part of those now, but you can't even display any of them. Yeah...