Languages as subfolder URL patterns in primary domain

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Among the many suboptimal design decisions in Shopify world (chiefly, multiple languages of products cannot be in the same place and need idiotic "apps" to work...what a basic miss)  is one about primary domains and languages. 


We do NOT want the url. 
We have a "primary domain" which is


And for our languages, we need to use this primary domain.  Otherwise what's the point. 


-            (main language, Japanese)
-    (second language, English)


This seems impossible, because to be able to have a language's' subfolder, we have to pick the second option in the `Markets --> Domains and Languages` screen. Which forces the * URL for our store. 






This is so stupid. What am I missing? How can we keep our set domain (primary domain) and have languages as subfolders? 

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