Legal question regarding international business

Legal question regarding international business

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Hello everyone,

I am currently starting a store that has digital products: artwork, logo templates, and invitation templates.
For artwork, the customer receives a text file containing a link to my google drive from where he/she can download the artwork sized to multiple options and also instructions.
For the logo and invitation templates, the customers are receiving a Canva template link in a text file and instructions on how to use Canva and modify it to their preferences for their new purchase.

I've also integrated the Printify app and will start adding the option to buy the same artwork already printed in different size options and deliver them to the customer through the Printify app. 
I am based in Europe and my main market will be the USA.

Could someone please let me know if I need to create a firm in order to have all the legal requirements fulfilled? 

Thank you,

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