Localization form with markets instead of individual countries

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In Dawn, how could I amend the 'country-localization.liquid' theme file, so instead of it displaying every individual country within each market in the localization header/footer dropdown form, it instead displays only the broader individual markets?


Effectively it would be like the form in the Theme Customization Editor.


I know by appending the current URL with ?market=name_of_market it switches between markets, but I am not sure how to do this in the form as to my knowledge you cannot append a query to the current URL via a href link?


Can you amend the current form in 'country-localization.liquid' to achieve this? My markets won't ever change, so I don't mind hard-coding this manually rather than using a dynamic form with variables.

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Do you want to remove the other countries from the list?

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I don't want to remove the other countries from the actual markets list as then people can't order from those countries.


I just want to display the regions in the front-end dropdown menu, e,g,


Europe (setup as a region with multiple countries)
Other (all other countries not in regions above in the default international region)