Localized shops on separate domains - How to implement HREFLang

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Hi Shopify'ers

I run my primary shop on a .com domain in English, but have recently opened both a UK (.co.uk) store and danish (.dk) versions. All on three different shopify accounts. I want to implement HREFlang to the code for Google, but can't really find a step-by-step guide to do so. 

Does anyone have a link to a guide somewhere on how to do this?


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Hi Ken,

When you have different stores, the problem you run into with hreflang tags is the pages, products, articles, collections, and blogs can vary between stores. On top of that, you want URL handles to be in language served to your customers. For example. on your .dk store, you want Danish, not English, URL handles to have the best SEO (and usability).

On top of that, when you have multiple stores, pages and products in particular can oscillate between being published and unpublished. You don't want hreflang tags on other stores then linking to these 404s. Should you make an edit on one store, like a product URL change, you want that carried across to all stores in the hreflang tags.

The most accurate way to implement hreflang tags for multiple stores to deal with these problems in Shopify is with our app.

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