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I need to my store can identify when im buying from a different country and block the inventory thats not available on that country. Example: we have 10 t shirts available in US and we are selling that same t shirt in UK but is sold out in my UK warehouse i want the people in UK to see thats sold out and the people in US can continue shopping. Can we do this?? Cause i know we can use different inventories in different locations but when 1 is sold out automatically by default it takes the product from the main inventory. I need a solution for this. 

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We also need to be able:

1) have inventory in different locations/warehouses/countries

2) when one location is out-of-stock it should show out of stock to customers that are fulfilled from that location, but allows selling to other customers that are fulfilled from other locations/warehouses that have inventory

Currently, Shopify will keep selling to customers that are being fulfilled by an out of stock warehouse, then show a negative valve for that location/warehouse..

This does not make sense to us.

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Experiencing this exact issue on electric-hair.myshopify.com

Has any solution been found?