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Managing Inventory Across Multiple Locations

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I am aiming to set up inventory tracking for our stores products across multiple locations, but keep receiving circular errors from Shopify.

We dropship for a supplier, from USA. They are set up as a 'location' within our Shopify and inventory is updated 4X per day for 25,000+ products based on a real-time product feed.

They now stock the same products in Europe, as well as USA, and have a 2nd real-time feed. We wish to sell from both, to the same countries (one as primary and one as backup), but Shopify is not permitting inventory to be added at a second location.

     1. We receive the error "Can't stock at this location because inventory isn't managed by Shopify."

So we adjusted the inventory to be managed by Shopify...

     2. We then received the error "Can't stock at this location because inventory is managed by Shopify."

Can somebody please advise why we can't stock our products in multiple locations? Screenshots below.


Screenshot 2020-12-31 at 00.16.24.pngScreenshot 2020-12-31 at 00.16.16.png

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Hey, I am also having the same issue!! Does anyone know how to fix this?