Manufacture outside USA, stock and sale in USA & internationally, but not living in US

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Hi. This is my first time trying to sell something from my brand (physical music records), and I have been searching a lot but I still have plenty of questions, especially since doing this myself and with my particular circumstances because there is not much information about it.


I am trying to sell CDs of music, so I after some research the best options I have found are manufacturers outside of USA (Canada and Europe), they offer specific features and prices that, surprisingly, makes them a better choice from the ones that are in USA.


The problem here is that I am in Mexico, and shipping things from here to different countries are very, veery expensive (most of the sales would be in USA), so I was looking for fulfillment and shipping options, and I found Shopify with Flexport. Apparently they receive the items and ship them for you from USA to local cities and other countries. Looks like its the most affordable option so far, and I also trying to integrate Shipstation with Shopify because Shipstation offers an integration with Bandcamp. Now the issue here is that Shipstation doesn't send phone number verification codes outside of USA to finish creating an account, and I don't see any way of getting an USA phone number without being physically located in USA just to get that code number. I already contacted support and they just answered that they only send codes to USA phone numbers, so now I am stuck here.


The other option I had was sending the items to music stores, but I have already sent like 20 email submissions and almost none of them answered back, it is even more difficult when my music mixes different music genres so most of them are simply not interested, from which I have concluded that then I would have to do all this myself.


What I mean with all this is that I have been struggling very much to find a solution for my situation, all this has been a whole can of worms when it comes to selling things that wont be stocked where I am living, so I was wondering, have any of you had any experience doing this? is there something that I am missing? At this point what I only want is to at least reach breakeven, but maybe I will have to accept some lose, after I figure out how to get all this process done.

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