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Market / Language / Currency Switch Boondoggle

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Hello all,


I would be impressed and amazed at whoever has sorted this out. I've been looking for the right translator + markets + currency solution, and it's not easy. Because I didn't like T Lab, and I'm already a Weglot Pro user, I've decided on Weglot (using subdomains) + Markets + local currency.


I have added these languages, and subdomains: (China) - Using Simplified Chinese, and RMB as currency (Taiwan) - Using Traditional Chinese, and TWD as currency (Germany) - Using German, and EUR as currency (Netherlands) - Using Dutch, and EUR as currency


The issue is this - for each market is giving the pop-up to switch to local market, but the currency is locked on USD. It should automatically switch, based on my settings, but it isn't. Worse, when I choose the currency from the dropdown, other issues come up:

- Changing to Taiwan(TWD), while using, gives not response and stays on USD

- Changing to Germany(EUR), while using, gives a 404

- Changing to Netherlands(EUR), while using, gives a 404

- Changing to China(RMB), while using, gives a 404


Does anyone have a good solution? I've spent so much time trying to figure this out! I just want someone in these countries to automatically get their local language, and local currency, but be able to change to the secondary language if they want, but maintain the local currency.


Please help us!

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So one thing I’ve noticed reviewing this is that the drop down for currencies from the GeoLocation app don’t match. For example, for Taiwan, it says New Taiwan Dollar, but when I pick currency for the Market of Taiwan that I created, it’s a different name.


Strangely, for Canada it’s properly showing the local currency, even when I choose it from the drop down. Canada is the only market that doesn’t us a sub domain, so there’s something I’m not doing correctly for those likely. 

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Hi there, 
Weglot Support here. I'm really glad to help you out.

Do you mean that you want to translate your website and be able to work with the Shopify Markets feature?
Actually, we are currently working on a new integration, a subdirectory-based integration.
It means that your translated website's versions would be displayed on URLs such as for instance.
This solution is currently in beta and should be compatible with the Shopify feature, Shopify Markets.

With Shopify Markets, you will have URLs such as for an English version for instance. With our beta subdirectory-based integration, you'll be able to work with Weglot's translations and the URL could be changed to for a French version.

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you want to be part of the beta test, we will send you the instructions to install this integration and to link the integration to Shopify Markets.

Have a great day,