Markets Issue - Selling Out of Stock Items

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We have an ongoing issue with Shopify Markets and I'd love to know how many others are facing these issues


Shopify expects us to fulfil products that are sold out in the customers market by fulfilling the order from inventory stored in another market. Our products include domestic shipping and our markets are Australia and the USA; so in this instance; we are required to ship a product from the USA to someone in Australia without the customer paying any additional shipping charges added; which is just not feasible.


The 'solution' from Shopify has been to remove the products from a particular market when it sells out in that market, and then to add it back to the market when its back in stock. Or to not go out of stock. Ludacris. We have over 500 SKU's; how is this a solution?


We have to issue refunds every day because of this 'update' which I can only imagine is an effort for Shopify to show more profits; by collecting more sales commissions, at the expense of the seller.


Surely I can't be the only one shouting about this? We've been with Shopify for over 12 years but this is about to push us to a competitor

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Completely agree. It's stupid this hasn't been sorted yet.

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Yikes. One automated solution that might help here is that we could automatically remove the product from the market when it's out of stock in that market. This is a workflow that's kind of similar to that - but I could tweak it to do this specifically:


That's not ideal because when a product is out of stock, people will still see the product page, vs having it completely removed.


Another option might be to automatically set a metafield on the product so that in your theme you can look at that metafield and display the product as out of stock.