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migrating existnig shopify site to new domain

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Hi there, I have scrolled through so many articles but nothing exactly relating to my query so I hope someone can assist!

I manage a pram website in Australia and we are going to international markets next year. As prams are called "strollers" internationally, we need to change our domain name and then create subdomains for our international stores.

ie existing site

we want to move to

then set up international stores under their own subdomains ie

We would like to simply transfer our domain from its existing one to the new one, rather than dealing with attempting to redirect every single page and potentially lose our organic ranking. But from everything I can see online, if we do this we would need to move to shopify for our domain management and therefore could not have a unique email address that is the same as our new domain ie Is this correct?

We also will need to setup a unique email address for our Canadian store ie

Can someone please run me through exactly what my best option is here? In order to have these unique email addresses, do I need to rely on a third party domain provider and therefore cannot simply transfer my domain to a new one within shopify? If so, how to do I merge my existing site to a new domain without loosing all the site content and SEO?

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