Multi language on Debut is not working recently

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We want to build a multilingual website. We use the default template "Debut" and didn't install other Shopify Apps.
However, the template only translate built-in buttons and system messages.

So... after we launched new language "Chinese" and "Japan", we import the translated content(.csv file) manually.

It worked perfect at the beginning on both launched languages until we found "Chinese" is not translated recently while switching language.

We've checked the .csv file, and confirmed that both of the languages are filled in translated content, but the website is still not showing "Chinese".


Any idea what is happening?

Please let me know. Thank you in advance.

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Hi there, Rich from Shopify here. Were you able to make Chinese work, or is this still a problem? Please let me know and I'll see if we're able to help resolve.

All the best,