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We are going to bring our site to the international market. We would like to make subdomains and so on for each region. This is necessary for SEO since on different markets different parts of our catalog and different prices with their currencies. How does the redirection option work in domain management? I want the user who visits the to stay in the zone and not go to ...

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Hi there!


If you want to auto direct visitors to correct sub domains based on their locations, you may potentially use Geo Targetly. Its Geo Redirect tool detects visitors' locations by IP and auto directs them to correct URLs based on their locations. You can set up redirecting rules easily with a few steps among subdomains. For example, if your visitor is in the US, and he goes to, it will direct him to seamlessly according to your setting. You can easily set up redirecting rules within a few steps. No code is necessary. The service will generate the Javascript code for you to add to your site. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.


Regarding geolocation SEO, it works perfectly as long as you set Hreflag tags to help google understand your multi-regional sites. For how to set up SEO for multiple multiple sub domains, and detailed step-by-step setting, you can look at the posts:


Hopefully it helps!