Multicurrency, manual conversion rate and Manual payment problem

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We have a new site for a client that we are using the multicurrency feature. We have also set the manual conversion rate as the client monitors this themselves.

It works fine with the shopify payments. Showing up as the presentment currency and correct value all the way through. 

But if the client chooses to pay by the manual payment method we set up "Credit account" then at the very last moment the currency switches back to our local (GBP) and an undefined conversion rate (looks like the live rate if you compare to is used. Not the manual rate we set.

Does the manual payment method not work the same way? Given the whole site and checkout is correct up until the last moment this surprises me. 

Thanks in advance


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Hi @jetblackstar1, discovered got surprised by this myself last week. 

Sharing the response I received from support below. I assume plenty of merchants will discover this and get in touch with Shopify so a fix can be implemented asap.

If you could lodge a feature request, that'll surely help!

Thanks for reaching, at this time, there is no way to change the payout currency to anything other than what is set as default in your store. You can review the information about muliticurrency and payouts on this webpage.

I know this is less than an ideal answer, so on your behalf I will escalate this up to our 'Merchants frustrations team'. We send all of the issues and requests to our developers and they look at each one. The requests that happen most often get moved up and developed.

Requests are weighted on how many times a particular request comes through so I cannot offer any timeline if or when this could be developed. So, while I can't promise that your request will get developed, I can promise it will be looked at.

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Support processing charges in multiple currencies with Connect. Currency conversions use the current exchange rates provided by our service providers, can fluctuate and may not reflect Stripe's rates at the time a payment is processed​.