my website is not show up

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So my website is not showing up and I just paid for it a couple of days ago. And I have customers that wanna buy my product right now and I usually just do a hand to hand but I finally have enough traffic where I want to re-open my website again.

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Hello @remnantsigma,

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Can you please drop your store link?

What is it showing when you try to access your store?

As a first step try the following steps to eliminate any device or browser issue causing the problem:

1. Reboot your browser after clearing your cache and cookies on your browser.
2. Try to login to your store on another web browser or an incognito window.
3. Try another device or on the Shopify Mobile app.
4. Ensure there are no pop ups being blocked in the web browser.
5. Ensure you do not have any firewalls or pop up blockers enabled on the device.

If none of these works, you can contact the Shopify support team so that they can look into your issue in detail.

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Hi @remnantsigma 


Please elaborate more on what you mean by your website not showing up.

Also, you can look into these factors if you are having any issues switching your newly launched store:

1. Cross-check if your store is a password-protected one. If yes, then remove the password settings.

2. Open your store on a new browser and see if it works.

3. Try logging in using a different browser or incognito mode to see if it opens.

4. Ensure you do not have any popups


Hope this helps. 


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