Re: Northern Ireland tax settings when shipping from Ireland to NI

Northern Ireland tax settings when shipping from Ireland to NI

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Hi all, 

We are having an issue with setting up the correct tax for Northern Ireland.  We ship from Ireland to Northern Ireland and the UK.  The tax and VAT requirements are different in both places.  When shipping to NI customers are have to pay Irish VAT but not customs.  When shipping to the UK, customers have to pay customs on the order but no Irish VAT.  Shopify has grouped Northern Ireland together with the UK on the shipping profile.  This means that we can't set up the correct VAT rate for NI - it will be grouped with UK and the invoice will show customs charges on orders which is incorrect.   Northern Ireland needs to an independent category for shipping purposes given the different VAT/customs rules for NI and the UK.   Is anyone else having the same problem ?  Shopify needs to address this as it impacts on Irish sellers being able to sell to Northern Ireland and the UK.  

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Hi @luluandbelle,


Thank you for getting in touch. When creating your shipping zones the United Kingdom can now be split into five parts, so it is possible for you split the Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK when it comes to your shipping zones:




You can find information about UK taxes and Brexit over on the Shopify Help Center, and there is a dedicated section regarding VAT calculation in Northern Ireland. This page includes a guide on how VAT is charged dependent on the order's origin and it's destination when you are using registration-based tax settings.


I hope this helps but please let me know if you have more questions.

Victor | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I am also experiencing this problem.


The explanation you have shown just shows how to set up a different shipping rate for NI than the rest of the UK.


The problem is that in the "taxes and duties" section you cannot separate NI from the UK. When shipping from Ireland the VAT rate should be 23% to NI and 0% to the rest of the UK. Shopify does not separate the UK from Northern Ireland in this section so it sets the UK and Northern Ireland to 0% VAT. You can see this in the section where you change country on a shops homepage, there is only and option for United Kingdom £ but there is nothing for Northern Ireland £.


I'm not sure there is a solution to this, it seems like something Shopify needs to address but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Same problem here. I only ship within Ireland - ROI and NI, but when I ship to NI, Shopify insists on charging Great Britain rates of VAT, which are lower than Irish rates. Also, we're not registered for GB VAT because we don't ship to GB.

Literally says GB VAT 20% (Included) and nothing is going anywhere near Great Britain.