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The geolocation app is now gone, I'm currently using optin-monster popup to get this done but wanted to try the built in automatic redirection functionality. Use case:


- I have 2 domains, WIDGETS.COM and WIDGETS.CA

- COM has 2 shipping zones — 1 for USA,  1 for a handful of int'l markets (excludes Canada completely)

- CA has 1 shipping zone for Canada only

- These are 2 separate Shopify installations (Slightly different inventory and navigation)


From what I read I need to setup up a "market" on COM for Canada, and setup the automatic redirection. The issue is when I go to the new CA market and add "Use a separate domain/subdomain" > "create a new one" > "Connect existing domain" it tells me that:

This domain already belongs to another shopify store: If you own this domain, you can transfer it to this Shopify store by following the steps below.


It's just a DNS TXT record so a no brainer on our end, but will this "transfer" mess anything up on the other shopify store if I have it in 2 shopify accounts (ie. will their internal DNS routing get cocked up?)


Hoping someone else has some experience with this.



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