Redirecting URLs to separate stores per language

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Hello everyone,

our shop has a lot of traffic generating blog posts which I would like to translate using langify. Shopify automatically creates the relevant URL structure (e.g. /fr , /es ...), which is great.

However, we are running into some language and country specific challenges, which requires us to create a separate shop per language (e.g. different pricing strategies, subscription management, local offers, offers, etc.). Managing that much blog content in different shops is just pain (setting hreflang tags one by one), which is why I´m thinking of a scenario where I still use the main domain for translating everything and redirecting just some URLs (e.g. start page, product pages, etc) to the relevant language store. For example: will be redirected to whereas will be translated on

Unfortunately Shopify does not allow such redirects unless the URL is not available - which is not possible because we still need the product in the main language in the main shop.

Any ideas how I could solve that without taking the blog completely out of my shopify shop? I know it is not ideal in terms of SEO (because we would have 2 different domains for products and blog posts), but it seems to be much easier to handle because this is the only way I can make use of translation apps. Or should I create a separate (wordpress) blog on and then just link to every local shop where its needed?

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