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Any reliable supplier here for product niche?

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Yes, app4ship, they do product sourcing and fulfilment services,

if you want to reach them

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Hi yes. May I know the detail product niche that you are in? We can help search various products for you .We have app which can process your orders automatically.

If you are interested check our site . 

Global SupplyMeDirect Dropshipping Services
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Skype: kim@SupplyMeDirect

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guess these werent so reliable afterall

site closed


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You can check up the Chinabrands, Saleshoo and Globalsources. Of course, the Alibaba and Aliexpress still have a lot of information. To add a protection measure, one you shortlist of group of potential supplier, you can hire a quality inspection agency to do factory evaluation. There are many available such as SGS, HKQCC, Intertek.

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I, myself, visit the International Trade Association. I want to know where my chosen product to sell originates.  This website has a WEALTH of information. Including lists showing the top ten countries for producing your product of choice. Also, on this site there is a made-in-usa section to find suppliers.  I can't give away all my secrets; but, visit this site and you will be amazed. Also, visit associations for your chosen niche. The following is a full list of association from the trade site I recommended....

And here is the made-in-USA database on the trade site. Fantastic! is called otexa.....

And here is an extra link that is very helpful to anyone selling online.....

When searching online, it is important to know that basically, you are searching "databases" meaning, searching google-you are searching google's database. Search Yahoo, you are searching Yahoo's database and so on. Meta-search engines may be helpful for what you are searching as a meta-search engine will search multiple databases at the same time.  Examples are  or Type in full list of meta-search engines and you will have a ton. 

It is helpful to know what you are looking for...a supplier for drop shipping or do you want to buy your inventory. Are you looking for a wholesaler etc.  Because when you are searching, it is also helpful to know the lingo surrounding the supplier. For example, a wholesaler is also termed a "jobber" a "distributor" etc. If you open up google earth then in the search, type, for example: if I am selling shoes: type in manufacturer/wholesaler women's shoes, then the area of interest....for example.... Manufacturer women's shoes, california then press search and voila! You have a full list of every manufacturer that offers women's shoes in California.  This works for any country around the world. Google Earth will bring up a nice neat list of Manufacturers', address, phone numbers, and websites. Like magic!

Good luck,

Crysta Lee Swindell

P.S. One more thing.....check out "white papers" for e-commerce subjects.  White papers have a wealth of info.  Here is a website I found with tons of "white papers" that have helped me greatly in many areas surrounding my online business....   Awesome site!

Good luck!