Requirement of GST Registration for Indian Shopify Store Owner selling in the US

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Hi Shopify Community,


Need some help/suggestions. I'm running a Print-on-Demand store from India and selling only in the US market.

I had applied for GST to get my Stripe payment activated on Shopify "for international transactions". My GST application was rejected a couple of times as they asked for some additional documents.


HOWEVER, then I realized that Stripe activated my international payments automatically without asking for any additional documents (previously they did for IEC and all). I did 2 test payments (international) and both went successful. Very nice of them! 🙂


SO, I did not re-apply for GST. Should I still go for GST registration for any good reason?


(Also, Shopify will now be collecting GST in our bills as per their recent emails. So, will getting GST registration done help in any manner?)


Please help. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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