Resetting language settings to original after Freelancer fk up

Resetting language settings to original after Freelancer fk up

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Hello community,


I have an urgent problem that I would be insanely grateful if anyone has a solution for.


Yesterday I hired a freelancer to fix some minor CSS stuff. He was probably working in sections files and base.css. is a German site and the English subsite is When he couldn't access the theme editor, his solution was to change my default shop language to English.


He then proceeded to use the English auto-translate tool and somehow overwrote all my English translations for over 20 pages.


I cut his access because when he tried to 'fix' it he kept fiddling with the language settings and I just wanted him out of there.


Is there anything I can do to undo his changes and get my original shop back from before he started working on it?


It would take me about 1 day to translate the store back to English...


If you have any suggestions, please help me out!

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I'm not so sure if this works, but give it a check/try.


Shopify has some sort of version history inside the code-editor of your theme. And inside your theme is a folder named: Locales. Inside that folder contains the translations for your store. "en.json" or "en.default.json" would be the one for English. Try checking in there to see if the original translations got saved in version history. If not, it seems like you'll have to spend a day translating it all again...

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Hi @randomstoreowne , sorry to hear this. Don't worry we can fix. Here's what to do:

* Change default language back to German. This doesn't swap content (nor did he yesterday), it just changes the locale associated with your existing default content

* Add English as a translated language

* Go Settings > Language > Export and export English (not all languages)

* When he changed the default language to English, you will have got an email with a link to a CSV of your deleted English translations. Download this.

* Open up both your CSVs. From the deleted English CSV, copy the contents of column G. Switch to the 'new' CSV and paste them into column H (Translated content).

* Export the CSV from your spreadsheet program.

* Import the CSV, with overwrite selected


What you're doing here is setting your default language back to German, so the system understands that your existing default content is German. Then you're taking the English that was deleted, and reinstating it.


Shout if you have issues. Rich

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