Routing orders to locations/warehouses in two different countries

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I have a new requirement that I dont believe I can find anyone at Shopify or App to support though I maybe wrong.

1. I have two locations now for my warehouse/fullfillment/inventory. One in UK and the other in Europe. In Shopify they are set up as locations
2. All products exist in both locations as I am an online store and have orders from around the world
3. When a customer orders in the UK or ROW I want to now the route to the UK warehouse/inventory I can do this as a priority fulfillment
4. The problem is when a customer orders from a European entity I want to route that to the european warehouse/inventory for fulfillment.
5. I want this to be done automatically
6. I may have the need to override step 3 and 4 at some point and divert the inventory. for example a ROW out of Europe or Europe order out of UK.

Can this be done as it seems to be Shopify can support browsers and currencies based on customer locations?






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Just wondering what you ended up doing? 
I have a client that has 3 warehouses in 3 different countries...trying to think of the best and most automated way to set up their store...we haven’t yet started building this.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks so much,