Seeking Shopify Support for E-commerce Operations in Korea

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Hello, I'm an e-commerce specialist working for a company in Korea.

I'm reaching out to the Shopify team for the following processes necessary to operate Shopify:


1) To run an online mall in Korea, I need ISMS certification from the Korea Internet & Security Agency. This involves tasks like providing server/network details, regular network/server upgrades, addressing server and web vulnerabilities, executing server scripts, and handling Korean language interviews.

Since Shopify hasn't entered Korea, is there a way for the Shopify team to handle these tasks?


2) As Shopify's data servers are overseas, legal reviews related to personal information overseas transfer are required to operate Shopify in Korea.

Can the Shopify team assist with this?


If anyone has had similar experiences, knows the answers, or has an email address to directly connect with the Shopify team, please provide your insights. Thank you.

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