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Selling and shipping products from UK to USA

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Hi, I'm a UK based business currently selling a physical product (it's not a restricted product or governed by the FDA rules) via Shopify to UK customers.

I have a potentially good market in the USA for my product, but it's not straight-forward due to sales taxes, state registration, import taxes, etc. The product sales price is circa USD190.

Does anyone have a Shopify based eCommerce solution that solves the following specific problems:

- Automatic calculation of state specific sales tax at checkout PLUS the ability to remit the correct state sales taxes on a regular basis

- How to deal with registering in-state when I have no idea which states buyers will be purchasing from

- Implications for export/import taxes from UK to USA

- Anything else I've missed

Thanks, Mike

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If you just start you do not need to think about register business in USA, as for tax, USA customs charge 0 tax for products value under 800 usd, thus you may also do not need to worry about tax at the beginning. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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Thanks very much for your reply, very helpful