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My main store is in Canada. but I also have another store in Hong Kong. Is it possible to add two locations for my store and label each product to certain location? For example, Product A shows up to my Canadian customers while Product B shows up to Hong Kong customers. In addition, for overlapping products, it will show up for both. The inventory will be fulfilled from the location it was ordered from.


If that is possible, can we operate it from the same domain or do we have to create another domain for each store? In the case that we are operating two locations on the same site, how will SEO Work?

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Hello @KN19 ,

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Yes, it is possible. This is called "location-based selling" and can be a useful way to offer different products or inventory levels to customers in different regions. Here's how:

  • Add your Hong Kong location to your Shopify store as a separate location.
  • Assign the appropriate inventory levels to each product for each location. This can be done manually for each product by going to the product page and selecting the appropriate location from the "Inventory" tab.
  • Set up location-based selling rules for each product. This can be done using a third-party app or a custom script, or by using Shopify's built-in location-based selling feature if your store is on the Shopify Plus plan.

And yes, you can operate multiple locations or stores on the same domain using subdomains or subdirectories. From an SEO perspective, it is generally recommended to use subdirectories rather than subdomains, as subdomains can be viewed as separate entities by search engines and may be less effective for SEO.

When setting up location-based selling on your site, it's important to pay attention to the following SEO considerations:

  • Use hreflang tags to indicate which pages are intended for which language or region. This will help search engines understand which pages to show to users based on their location and language preferences.
  • Use canonical tags to indicate the preferred version of each page. If you have multiple versions of a page (e.g. one for Canada and one for Hong Kong), use a canonical tag to indicate which version is the canonical, or preferred, version.
  • Ensure that each version of your site has unique content and meta tags. This will help avoid duplicate content issues and ensure that each version of your site is properly indexed by search engines.
  • Build high-quality backlinks to each version of your site. This will help improve your site's visibility and rankings in search results for each location.


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